Percy Adlon Retrospective

Percy Adlon © Percy Adlon

“I was born in Munich in Germany. I grew up in the Bavarian country side between cattle farms. My father was an opera singer, my mother came from the family who owned the famous Hotel Adlon in Berlin. So, naturally my themes are: country, music, and eventually some glitz and glamour. Before I became a filmmaker – this was at 35 - I was an actor, and a radio narrator. No filmschool. I learned my craft with the camerateams and the editors of the Bavarian TV station in Munich.  I made about 150 documentaries within 10 years. After that I couldn’t longer resist and went into movies. I made 11 of them, won many international awards. Best known movie is “Bagdad Café”.
But my biggest award is my wife and producer Eleonore, she was a classical dancer. We’re together since…Adam and Eve…almost.” P.A.