Workshop Fertigkeitentraining - ohne Lehrbuch

Fri, 11/10/2017 -
Sun, 11/12/2017

Seminar for Teaching Assistants sponsored by the DAAD

In order to integrate current culture in their classroom, foreign language teachers have to find materials outside the textbook. Such materials can be very valuable but the teacher has to know how to prepare and utilize them to improve the language skills of their students.
This seminar will focus on alternative options to  traditional classroom instruction.
Participants will analyse the use picture stories to improve speaking skills and apply their findings to the use of various applications.
Finally, participating TA will create their own lesson plans without textbooks and share them with the group.
Professor Tobias Barske of the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point will direct the seminar.
All teaching assistants who have been teaching German for at least a year can apply. Please contact Katja Fullard