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Thu, 11/08/2018

Schlafly Bottleworks

7260 Southwest Ave

St. Louis, MO

Schlingensief's Container

27th Annual Whitaker St Louis International Film Festival.   

Director: Paul Poet, 2002, Austria, 90 minutes, German with English subtitles

During the Vienna Festival, Christoph Schlingensief had a container with 12 asylum seekers placed directly in front of the Vienna Opera. Using the slogan "Foreigners out!" one container resident could be "deported" by means of an audience vote on the Internet, every day.

For a week, Christoph Schlingensief realized a vision of fear in the heart of Vienna's tourist center: an interactive deportation container for asylum seekers, which around the clock broadcast racist speeches by FPÖ success figure Jörg Haider, covered with his xenophobic election posters. Thousands of agitated passers-by became participants in Schlingensief's production.

Co-presented by Culture Shock: a film series