Short Films for Youth Cinemanya International

PRINZ RATTE © Albert Radl

Thu, 01/17/2019

Goethe-Institut Chicago

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Chicago, lL 60601

Short Films without Dialogue for Youth

The films for youth aged twelve to sixteen deal with a plethora of different topics, including autonomy and heteronomy ("Free-Range Eggs", which narrates the attempts of salt and pepper shakers that try to prevent a romance between two breakfast eggs), family and ingenuity ("From Dad to Son", in which a clever son manages to get his old father assistance in tilling his field), friendship and freedom ("Rising Hope"), coincidence and fate ("Annie & Boo", in which a young girl meets a living "coincidence"), and even virtual travel ("Cyber", in which a man undertakes a virtual journey thanks to the adaptability of his living room furniture). A wide variety of techniques, from stop-motion to total computer animations, are to be found in this program.

Short Film Program for Ages 12 to 16

HINTERLAND © Filmuniversität Babelsberg / Jakob Weyde & Jost Althoff, 2011
Director: Daniel Faigle, Germany 2007, 10 min.
Two eggs meet on a breakfast table and romance quickly blossoms. But their happiness does not last long, because knives and salt shakers have other plans for them.

Director: Nils Knoblich, Germany 2012, 05 min.
A prison inmate gets a message from his father saying he needs help to till the fields. In a hopeless situation, the inmate figures out a way to get the prison guards to dig up his father's land.

Director: Jost Althoff and Jakob Weyde, Germany 2010, 09 min.
Out of pure boredom, a bear gets an i-Pod. When a crow steals the expensive gadget, the bear hunts down the thief – he is fiercely determined to get his possession back, no matter what the cost.

Director: Milen Vitanov, Germany 2012, 10 min.
Rising Hope, once the fastest horse on the track, turns into a loser overnight. Abandoned by his jockey, he wanders through the city and finds both a new friend in a greyhound as well as his true nature.

Director: Samo (Anna Bergmann), Germany 2010, 07 min.
A story about two people, one small animal, and a flock of birds in the world of contrasts.

Director: Robert Löbel, Germany 2013, 04 min.
A fierce wind blows constantly, influencing all spheres of life of the people. The people have adjusted to it and master their everyday life as well as they can. But they never question from where the wind blows.

Director: Johannes Weiland, Germany 2003, 15 min.
Due to a random mishap, a young girl named Annie misses her train and, for the first time in her life, meets a real fluke. He calls himself Boo, is named 300, and has never met a girl before.

Director: Stefan Eling, Germany 2007, 05 min.
A man has all sorts of new experiences thanks to the transformation capabilities of his living room furniture. But his virtual travels do not really get him anywhere in the end.