Film Taxi zum Klo

Taxi zum Klo © Edition Salzgeber

Fri, 06/07/2019

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Celebrating 35 Years of Edition Salzgeber

Director: Frank Ripploh, 1980, Germany, 95 min

TAXI ZUM KLO of 1980, is the first “gay movie” in which gay life is shown as normality — not because it has become socially acceptable, but because the protagonists are not concerned with repression and sanctioned morality. No filmed work had been so radical — due to its authenticity — the sexual appetite of a teacher puts the patriarchal world to the test. That world isn’t ready for this openness and yet is taken a big step forward. Shifting boundaries — something commercial cinema has always done with more violence, more sex, but not with actual social processes. The movie is a piece of contemporary history about the first free moment of gay life before any traces of the AIDS crisis.