Film Series: Queer as German Folk

Victory © Irmi Maunu-Kocian

Celebrating 35 Years of Edition Salzgeber

In 1985 Manfred Salzgeber founded the company under the name Edition Salzgeber in order to present "Buddies" in cinemas, the first film to openly deal with HIV/Aids. Since then, the distributor, which is now officially Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH and is based in Kreuzberg, Berlin,  has brought hundreds of films to cinemas, published them on DVD/BluRay or as VoD and co-produced them.
In addition to documentary films, a traditional focus continues to be on Queer Cinema films. With Derek Jarman, Monika Treut, Gus Van Sant, João Pedro Rodrigues, Sébastien Lifshitz, Jan Krüger or Ira Sachs, directors who stand for an innovative exchange between queer and world cinema were and are presented.
The monthly film series queerfilmnacht, organized by the distributor, brings non-heterosexual films to the cinemas of medium-sized German cities. The online magazine sissymag, published by Edition Salzgeber, is Germany's leading medium for queer films.
For its broad commitment, which traditionally includes close cooperation with local initiatives and presence at events such as the Lesbian-Gay City Festival, Edition Salzgeber has already been awarded the German Distributor Prize three times.