Film Living with Beethoven (Leben mit Beethoven)

Modell der Berlin Philharmonie (c) Richard Fabi

Thu, 02/20/2020

Goethe-Institut Chicago

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Chicago, lL 60601


Director: Daniel Finkernagel, Magdalena Zięba-Schwind, Germany, 2015, 44 minutes, German with English Subtitles

Daniel Finkernagel and Magdalena Zięba-Schwind accompanied the ascent up this symphonic "Mount Everest" (Simon Rattle), the rehearsals, concert performances and recordings, and with their film Leben mit Beethoven they give an exciting insight into the work of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Rattle explains individual passages at the piano, members of the orchestra talk about their experiences with earlier performances and show how their individual voices are integrated into the overall sound. The outbreak of  "Beethoven fever" can be felt in all of them, they are all inspired by the desire to let these works, so often played, sound again as if they had just been composed.