Exhibition +++Postponed +++ The Power of Emotions – Germany 19 | 19

Die Macht der Gefühle © Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur / Regina Schmeken.

Mon, 03/30/2020 -
Fri, 06/26/2020

Goethe-Institut Chicago

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Chicago, lL 60601

Historical pictures, quotations and short texts

Due to growing concerns about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we have decided to postpone the exhibition.

Fear, anger, love, hate, envy, pain, joy - feelings are not only part of everyday life, they are the motor that determines our state of mind, our actions and our motivation. And so, 2019 did not only mark the anniversary of historical transitions such as the founding of the Weimar Republic (1919), the beginning of the Second World War (1939) and the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), but above all it illustrates the influence that feelings and emotions can have on historical events.

Nevertheless, the democratic public is still divided on emotions in politics: where objectivity, rationality and objectivity are demanded, there seems to be no room for feelings. And yet, especially in recent years, negative feelings such as anger, fear and hatred are becoming increasingly dominant in the public sphere. This gives room for polarizing and emotional - but perhaps also more approachable - politicians who start to determine the public debates.

The exhibition "The Power of Emotions. Germany 19 │19" is intended to illustrate how fear, hope, love or anger have shaped historical events over the past 100 years. Historical pictures, quotations and short texts as well as multimedia accompanying material concisely convey that feelings were the driving force behind reform and democratization processes, but have also always been politically instrumentalized and manipulated.