Film Streaming Claudia Bosse:
or the evacuation of the present

Claudia Bosse: ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 or the evacuation of the present © Eva Würdinger

Sat, 11/28/2020

3:00 PM - 10:00 PM


A Solo Performance by Claudia Bosse
and accomplices and organs

2020, 92 minutes, German and English with English subtitles

As Claudia Bosse's first solo, ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 is thinking with one's own body. An evacuation of the present with poetic actions that explore the future and the past to oracles and sacrifices that touch the inside and outside of the body and the inside and outside of our world.


Is it possible to read the ecology of the environment, the surrounding exterior, world-political decisions and cosmic conditions from the organs? Or do we find future forms of community in the physical interior? What if we carry our future in our organs?

This work is inspired by the blood sacrifices and visions of the Babylonians and Etruscans where the political future was read from the organs of killed animals. The liver oracle was especially practiced by the Etruscans; organs of animals killed in a sacrificial ritual were interpreted. Experts, so-called haruspices (lat. haruspicius (lat. haru: viscera), read world events from the liver of a sheep by means of a cosmic transmission and thus gave recommendations for political decisions. In liver oracles, macrocosmic concerns were derived from the microorganism of a liver. Organs became the medium of poetic oracles and communication with the future. Perhaps sacrifices are rituals of collective agreement that deal with the trauma that demands the protection of the endangered community.

Claudia Bosse (c) Eva Würdinger Claudia Bosse, choreographer, director and artist, lives in Vienna and Berlin and is artistic director of theatercombinat. Her work focuses on different forms of violence, history and utopia. She thinks of her expansive choreographies in space as art works created by temporary communities, which incorporate myths, rituals, texts, language, choruses and objects. She has presented this (often chorus-like) reflective practice of bodies in space at festivals, museums, in architectural settings and in public spaces all over the world. Her artistic practice includes installations, theatre productions, choreographies of space and public interventions.
As a researcher, she has also held many workshops and has lectured at several academies and universities. Since 2011, she has also been working on installational pieces in cooperation with archives and art collections.

A production of theatercombinat in co-production with tanzquartier wien and FFT Düsseldorf, funded by Wien Kultur, the Federal Ministry of Art and Culture and the Kunststiftung NRW as part of the co-production series "who is speaking"?