Interactive online conversation Rent Rebels (Mietrebellen )

Rent Rebels / Mietrebellen © schultecoers

Mon, 05/17/2021


A Conversation with Matthias Coers and Elliat Graney-Saucke

The film makers  Matthias Coers and Elliat Graney-Sauke will discuss the tenants struggles in Berlin, the recent change in rent control laws, and the struggle against displacement of neighborhood communities.

For the screening link to the film Rent Rebels please register here.
This film is available in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Matthias Coers (c) Matthias Coers Matthias Coers works independently as filmmaker and sociologist. As a freelance journalist and cameraman, he produces photos, texts, and videos for trade unions, tenant organizations, the AIDS aid, and newspapers, among others.
Since the premiere of the documentary RENT REBELS – Resistance against the sell-out of the city in spring 2014, Coers has held over 200 lectures and film events in over eighty cities.
Matthias Coers is responsible for the photo editorial department of the Berliner MieterEcho, the newspaper of the Berliner MieterGemeinschaft e.V.

Elliat Graney-Saucke (c) Elliat Graney-Saucke Since 2000, Elliat Graney-Saucke has been directing and producing films internationally in the US, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Canada and Israel/Palestine.
While based in Berlin 2009-2015, Elliat produced video, performed, organized international queer festivals and cultural heritage conferences, as well as obtaining an MA in World Heritage Studies. During their time in Berlin, Graney-Saucke was also a resident of the Liebigstraße 34 squat, which was recently evicted in October 2020.