Film Screening Children’s Film Festival Seattle: Wilde Welt

Carlotta’s Face Photo (detail): © Fabian&Fred GmbH

Sat, 02/29/2020

Northwest Film Forum

1515 12th Ave
Seattle WA 98122

A German-language short film program.

Goethe Pop Up Seattle is again partnering with the Children’s Film Festival Seattle to present this year’s selection of German-language films for kids.
** Filmmaker Sebastian Jansen (Little Achilles) in attendance! **

This short-film program is filled with stories of a wild world — an epic playground battle, messages fished from bottles floating in the sea, miracles performed by a learned man, and the story of a girl who cannot recognize her own face, until she draws it. 
Short Films in this Program:

Isabel’s Treasure
(Lydia Bruna, Germany, live-action, 2018, 15 min) West Coast premiere!

Isabel runs away from home to find a treasure to help her parents finance the renovation of their house. On the way, she meets all sorts of storybook characters.


(Andreas Cordes & Robert Köhler, Germany, live-action, 2019, 10 min) WA premiere!
A little boy who lives on the coast with his father has a lot of questions. But when his father can’t find the right words to answer his son, he turns to the sea for help.

Carlotta’s Face

(Valentin Riedl & Frédéric Schuld, Germany, 2018, 5 min) Seattle premiere!
For Carlotta, a girl with a rare condition of not being able to recognize any face, even her own, it is art that finally offers her a way to see herself.

Shaul and Ivan

(Rebecca Akoun, Austria, animation, 2019, 10 min) U.S. premiere!
In a small village, Shaul sings while Ivan dances happily around a table with other villagers — it’s a moment of happiness neither will forget soon.

Little Achilles

(Sebastian Jansen, Germany, live-action, 2019, 28 min) U.S. premiere!

When 10-year-old Alex gets his bike stolen by the well-known bully, George, his father tries to give him perspective by telling him about the siege of Troy and the Greek hero Achilles. This all sparks a playground war that comes complete with flaming marshmallows and jello catapults.

CFFS Poster © CFFS About the festival:
Children’s Film Festival Seattle is cinematic extravaganza that celebrates the best and brightest in international films for children, including animation, feature length films, short films, and hands-on workshops. In its 15th year, the festival prioritizes stories that have been underrepresented in the mainstream media, which inspire empathy, understanding, and a nuanced view of the world.