Workshop ArtVenture—Moo, Meow, Moan: Storytelling & Shapeshifting with Soya the Cow

ArtVenture—Moo, Meow, Moan: Storytelling & Shapeshifting mit Soya the Cow © Daniel Hellmann

Sun, 12/05/2021

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


If you could be any animal, who would you be?

Berlin-based artist Daniel Hellmann
likes to dress up as a cow and, when dressed up, he calls himself Soya. Soya the Cow invites you humans and your non-human friends (companion animals, pets, teddy bears, etc.) to think collectively about our relationships with other animals—the animals we hold closely, the ones we find disgusting, and the ones that we eat—mostly without knowing how the animals were doing before ending up on our plates and in our bellies.

Goethe Pop Up Seattle joins the Henry Art Gallery in welcoming Daniel and Soya in an online and interactive exploration of pets, wild animals, fantasy animals, and stuffed animals, and how creative practices help us consider our various relationships with each other and the animals with whom we interact. Using theater exercises, storytelling, and some simple shape-shifting tools, Soya invites you all into a world where everything could be completely different!

This event will take place online at 1:00pm PST. All levels are welcome; the workshop is appropriate for ages 7 and up. Space is limited, so please register no later than December 2 to ensure that you can pick up your free mask-making kit from our space in Chophouse Row before the event.
Daniel and Donkey © Daniel Hellmann About the artist:

Daniel Hellmann
is a singer and performance and theater artist from Switzerland, living in Berlin. He studied philosophy, music, and theater and has been developing his own artistic and award-winning works since 2012. Hellmann sees his artistic practice as a form of intersectional activism. His projects examine the body, body relations, and desire, and question social norms and power relations in the fields of sexuality, and human and animal rights. He was awarded the June Johnson Dance Prize for his music-theatre performance Requiem for a piece of meat (2017). The solo shows Traumboy and Traumgirl have been translated to several languages and toured internationally. 

Since 2018 Hellmann's main focus lies with his alter ego Soya the Cow, a queer, vegan, drag cow who stands for joy and liberation for all beings. As Soya the Cow, Hellmann has performed in nightclubs and street protests; he has created the one-cow-show Dear Human Animals (2020); recorded the music album Purple Grass (2021); produced several music videos; and appeared on TV shows such as The Voice of Germany (2021).

Presented by the Henry Art Gallery in partnership with Goethe Pop Up Seattle.