Workshop "Im Studio": Create a postcard for your Valentine

Im Studio: Create a postcard for your Valentine      Image (detail): © Courtesy Dr. Irene Guenther

Sat, 02/09/2019

Goethe Pop Up Houston

2309 University Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

As a part of our current print exhibition of Otto Schubert’s field postcards, we invite you to respond to the art works on display and create your own postcard-size works of art for your Valentine.
From November 1915 to May 1916, Schubert painted some ninety military-issued postcards while serving on the Western Front. Mostly addressed to his sweetheart, Irma, these miniature 4“x6“ works of art were affectionate correspondences back home and a creative outlet for a young determined art student. Imbued with care and “many heartfelt greetings,“ the series of self-made postcards provided his loved ones with intimate and vivid scenes of daily life in the trenches.
In a kind of remarkable love story, Irma kept all of the postcards and Schubert returned safely home from the war. The two married in 1919.
Im Studio is a series of family-friendly workshops and activities that accompany current exhibitions and programs at the Goethe Pop Up Houston. Every second Saturday during Second Saturday at Sawyer Yards.