Book Reading Pierre Jarawan: The Storyteller

Pierre Jarawan Photo (detail): © Marvin Ruppert

Mon, 04/15/2019

Goethe Pop Up Houston

1824 Spring Street, Suite 1A
Houston, TX 77007

In partnership with Books First, the Goethe Pop Up Houston welcomes Pierre Jarawan for a reading and discussion of his debut novel The Storyteller.

The Storyteller, Pierre Jarawan (2019: World Editions), trans. Sinéad Crowe & Rachel McNicholl [Am Ende bleiben die Zedern, 2016]
Book cover <i>The Storyteller  </i> The Storyteller is Pierre Jarawan's first novel. Samir's parents fled Lebanon to Germany shortly before his birth. When his beloved father disappears without a trace, Samir is eight. Now, twenty years later, he sets off for the land of the cedars to solve the mystery of this disappearance. A family story, touching, surprising and masterfully interwoven with the fate of the Middle East. 

Pierre Jarawan is an author, slam poet, stage writer, organizer and presenter from Munich. He was born in 1985 as the son of a Lebanese father and a German mother in Amman, Jordan, after his parents had left Lebanon because of the civil war. Since 2009 he has been one of the most successful stage poets in the German-speaking world.  Pierre Jarawan lives in Munich.

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