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advance through German

The success of a business is based on trust, and trust is created when you speak your partner's language. Quite literally: multilingual teams work more efficiently and understand how foreign cultures and markets work.
Learning German opens the door to these potentials.

Your investment pays off

  • gain access to German speaking markets
  • create new partnerships and find new clients
  • speak your client's language
  • start recruiting from and for a global market
  • boost your potential for innovation and success with a multilingual team

Take advantage of

  • more than 60 years of experience as a provider of the highest standard and quality of German language instruction worldwide.
  • up to date materials and teaching methods, provided by highly trained and certified professionals.
  • extensive and transparent quality management that guarantees your satisfaction and success.
  • our worldwide network of 157 institutes in 98 countries as well as thousands of local partners

Language Courses

Offer your employees the opportunity to develop their German language skills and qualifications, with complete flexibility to choose when and where they want to learn. Our modern learning methods and individual support ensure that learning is fun, and course participants stay highly motivated while making rapid progress.

Services for Companys
  • An online placement test including professional evaluation, needs analysis, and specific course recommendation
  • Flexible, modern online instruction of the highest quality
  • Online live sessions for authentic language use
  • Ongoing personal support from highly qualified German instructors
  • Regular feedback to your company on course participants’ progress.
We would be happy to advise you and put together a customized selection of courses for your company and your employees.
We offer customized German instruction in one-on-one or small group formats. Courses can take place onsite at the Goethe-Institut or on your company's premises. All materials and a placement test are included in the course fee.

Our prices are calculated as follows:
1 Teaching Unit (TU) equals 45 minutes. Our individual instruction is usually sold in sessions of 90 minutes (2 TUs). All prices equal 1 session of 90 minutes.

Individual or small group instructionInstruction at the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles
1 participant $200
2 participants $150 per person
3 participants $100 per person

Instruction at your office
1 participant $240
2 participants $170 per person
3 participants $120 per person

Register for 10 or more TUs for a 10% discount.
The Goethe-Institut offers online German courses (Levels A1.1-B 1.2) for language learners living in the USA and Canada.Our Online Group Courses use real-life situations to provide an authentic context in which to learn the German language. The goal of the program is to develop and/or improve the following essential skills needed to communicate: listening and reading comprehension, oral and written expression, vocabulary, and grammar.

The learning program consists of
  • exercises that you complete on your own at your own pace and
  • exercises in which you work together with the other course participants in your group.
  • Virtual classroom sessions with your tutor to discuss the exercises and practice communication skills.
As you progress through the course, your tutor will provide you with regular feedback about your work and will be able to offer you additional exercises to enhance your learning progress.

The course fee is USD 400.

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Reading, listening, speaking, writing – this course will improve your German all round. Do you already know some German and want to take your knowledge to the next level? Or are you coming to the language as a beginner? As a general language course, DEUTSCH ONLINE INDIVIDUAL offers various methods and materials to develop, train, and improve your language skills.

The course fee is USD 400.

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Learn and practice German conversational skills no matter where you live in the US! In personalized, one-on-one sessions, our Deutsch Online Live instructors can help you prepare for an interview or exam, get ready for working or studying abroad or to better communicate with German-speaking family and friends.
Deutsch Online Live is offered at all levels (A1-C2) as single sessions or in packages. You can find out more on our official website for Deutsch Online Live.

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Tailor-made Offers

None of these offers fit your needs? No problem! We would be happy to create a tailor-made offer for you.

Other offers

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Intercultural Training

Our training courses enable your company to increase productivity in multicultural teams, better understand your international business partners and act with confidence on international markets. 

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Goethe-Test PRO

What is the language proficiency level of your existing or prospective employees? Our computer-based German test quickly and reliably assesses listening and reading abilities at the workplace.