This series focuses the spotlight on a variety of German films which rely heavily on extremely low budgets, as well as improvisation in both acting and production.  The term “mumblecore” is an import from the US independent film scene apllied to such films which are characterized by the often poor sound quality of the improvised dialogues in these early films; giving the impression that the actors were “mumbling.”   

Rapid advances in modern digital recording technology have allowed this kind of independent filmmaking to flourish and reach wider audiences.  German films made in this style have already been around for a number of years. Examples include In with the New (Oskar Roehler, 1997) and White Noise (Hans Weingartner/ Tobias Amann, 2002) – not to mention Berlin für Helden (Klaus Lemke, 2012) and Grill Point (Andreas Dresen, 2002). The increased awareness of mumblecore among current cinema fans and film critics can be attributed to the fact that ever more films of this type are making their debut in German film festival and cinemas.

The nine films presented in this series are part of the EDITION german mumblecore DVD boxset, presented by achtung berlin, Darling Berlin, and daredo  media GmbH in cooperation with the deutsches filminstitut filmmuseum, filmz, missingFILMs, movienet, Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.
All films are in German with English Subtitles

This series is presented with the support of Darling Berlin, daredo  media GmbH, missingFILMs, movienet, and Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

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