Kinder Matinee My Friend Raffi

Film Still Photo "Rettet Raffi!" ©MIMI & CROW FILM-PRODUKTION OHG

Sun, 05/07/2017

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

5750 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Germany, 2013, 97 min., all ages
Directed by Arend Agthe, with: Nicolaus von der Recke, Sophie Lindenberg, Henriette Heinze, Bettina Kupfer

Eight-year-old Sammy has lost his favorite pet and is now searching for him. The little hamster Raffi, which was a present from his father, has become the victim of a kidnapping.
Rocky the smuggler has stolen Sammy’s mother’s car while Raffi was still in it. Sammy sets out in search of Raffi for an adventure which takes him all across Hamburg.

Arend Agthe used his own children’s book of the same name as a template for the film.
Just as in HEN IN A BOAT, the director places his little heroes in wild, nearly breathtaking adventures which leave little time for a pause, but which give way to a series of comical and ironic events. 

The fact that this exuberant story doesn’t merely end with a simple, familiar idyllic scene, but instead with a general gesture of reconciliation gives the film more meaning, despite the many, often unlikely turbulences and twists.

MY FRIEND RAFFI was awarded the Kinderfilmfest Audience Award at the Filmfest München in 2015.