German Book Club Ronja von Rönne: We’re Coming

Detail Buchillustration Ronja von Rönne "Wir kommen" Aufbau Verlag

Thu, 06/15/2017

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

5750 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90036

In Nora’s hometown, the thing to do is to greet your neighbours, mow your lawn and – when you reach the end of your life – to die.
That Maja, of all people, Nora’s best childhood friend, should observe these traditional rules by simply dying seems barely credible to Nora.

She’s got no time for a funeral anyway: she keeps waking up at night having a panic attack, she’s got a tortoise to look after and her once progressive relationship as part of a foursome is threatening to fall apart.
Then her therapist goes on holiday. Until he gets back, Nora is supposed to write down what she does every day in a diary.
So she records how she, Karl, Leonie, Jonas and a mute child go to the seaside to salvage the intimacy between them.
But instead of a hopeful future, it’s Nora’s past that keeps intruding. Something’s got to happen, they think, to bring them back together. A big party, or something. Or a murder.

"We’re Coming" is a radical book – frantically hilarious in its despair and poetic in its ferocity.

This meeting of the German Book Club is moderated by Vera Wheeler.

Ronja von Rönne
Wir kommen 
Novel. 208 pp. Aufbau Verlag.
ISBN 978-3-351-03632-4 Ronja von Rönne reads from "Wir kommen"