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Wed, 09/06/2017

19.00 -

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

New Berlin Cinema - achtung berlin goes LA

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Germany 2016, 90 min., German (with English subtitles)
Writer-Director: Julia C. Kaiser,  Cinematography: Dominik Berg, Editor: Linda Bosch, Producers: Oliver Schütte, Stefan Jäger, Katrin Renz, Milena Klemke, Starring: Anna König, Till Butterbach, Ines Marie Westernströer, Julia Becker, Anne Ratte-Polle, Christian Natter, Cynthia Micas, Anne von Keller

Both in their “sleepy” thirties, Anna (König) and Hans (Butterbach) seem like the perfect couple. Their long-lasting relationship is fueled by their passion for food, cooking, and of course each for other. Seemingly inseparable, Anna and Hans belong together; so much so that their friends lovingly refer to them as “the Hannas”.
To their friends, the Hannas’ relationship is the model of stability and happiness. For the Hannas, however, more than a decade together has driven them into a rut.  Although they still love each other, Anna and Hans need something new in their lives that will give them back their individual personalities.
As Hanna takes up swimming, and Hans joins a fitness boot camp, they each meet someone new; the wild sisters Kim (Becker) and Nico (Westernströer) with whom each of them begin their own secret affair. Inevitably they become emotionally entangled and end up putting themselves, and their relationships through the wringer: Kaiser’s second feature is a humorous story about couples, bodies, food and love in your thirties.

achtung berlin 2017
new berlin film award, Best Actress
new berlin film award, Best Actor
new berlin film award, Beste Feature
new berlin film award, Best Screenplay

Kinofest Lünen 2016, Germany - Hans W. Geißendörfer Prize 

European Week 2017, Lithuania
Filmfest München 2016, Germany - National Premiere
Filmfest Biberach 2016, Germany
Filmz Mainz 2016, Germany - Opening Film
Heimspiel Filmfest Regensburg 2016, Germany
Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, Canada

This screening  is part of a series presented by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles, The German Currents Film Festival, and achtung berlin - new berlin film award, with the support of The Governing Mayor of Berlin Senate Chancellery, and be berlin.

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