Lilith Stangenberg as Ania in Nicolette Krebitz' WILD © The Match Factory

Sun, 10/23/2016

Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd
90036 Los Angeles

Lilith Stangenberg as Ania in Nicolette Krebitz' WILD


DOUBLE FEATURE: begins with WILD at 7:30 pm,
followed by ALOYS at approximately 9:30 pm.

Ticket price includes admission to both films.

Germany (2015), 97 min. DCP Projection.
German with English Subtitles

Director: Nicolette Krebitz
Screenplay: Nicolette Krebitz
Cinematography: Reinhold Vorschneider
Cast: Lilith Stangenberg, Georg Friedrich, Silke Bodenbender, Saskia Rosendahl, Kotti Yun

Producers: Bettina Brokemper
Production Company: Heimatfilm GmbH + Co KG (Köln) with WDR (Köln) and Arte Deutschland TV GmbH (Baden-Baden)

When twenty-something office drone Ania‘s (Stangenberg) boss Boris (Friedrich) tells her that “With a little effort, you could be quite something,” his thoughtless comment is nevertheless surprisingly prescient.  Ania will indeed make an effort to be something, though what she becomes will horrify those who know her.  Having spent much of her life caring for others, Ania has had little time to figure out who she wants to be.  Aimless and introverted, she seems entirely apathetic, until the day she encounters a wolf in the woods near her home.  Gradually, and with growing intensity, the need to establish a bond with the wolf comes to dominate Ania’s life.  Her eventual co-habitation with the wild animal prompts Ania to reject societal norms and embrace an anarchic side that may have existed in her all along.  Reinhold Vorschneider’s haunting cinematography and Sylvester Koziolek’s suitably bleak, art direction emphasize the disparity between Ania’s banal professional and personal lives and the liberating chaos she experiences with her lupine companion.  Krebitz’s film is a provocative, daring, and decidedly dark modern fairy tale that challenges viewers‘ notions conformity.

$11.-/ General Audiences
$9.-  / Seniors, Students
$7.-  / Cinematheque Members / Friends of Goethe

  • German Cinematographers Award 2016
Nicolette Krebitz was born in Berlin. After graduating from the National Ballet School, she studied acting at The Fritz Kirchhoff School in Berlin. Thereafter, she worked in German film and television productions as an actress, including: BANDITS (1995), and UNTER DIR DIE STADT (2009). In 2000, she debuted as a feature writer and director with DAS HERZ IST EIN DUNKLER WALD (2007).

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