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2017 New German Biographies in Translation

Goethe: Life as a Work of Art © W.W. Norton

Life as a Work of Art

By Rüdiger Safranski
Translated by David Dollenmayer
W.W. Norton, 2017
Original title: Goethe: Kunstwerk des Lebens

Habermas: A Biography © Polity

A Biography

By Stefan Müller-Doohm
Translated by Daniel Steuer
Polity, 2016
Original title: Jürgen Habermas: Eine Biographie

Kafka: The Early Years © Princeton University Press

The Early Years

By Reiner Stach
Translated by Shelley Frisch
Princeton University Press, 2016
Origina title: Kafka: Die frühen Jahre

Days of Twilight, Nights of Frenzy © University of Chicago

Days of Twilight, Nights of Frenzy

By Werner Schroeter with Claudia Lenssen
Translated by Anthea Bell
University of Chicago, 2017
Original title: Tage im Dämmer, Nächte im Rausch

2017 Georg Büchner Prize

The German Academy for Language and Literature awarded Jan Wagner the 2017 Georg Büchner Prize.  The academy stated in their decision that Wagner’s “poems combine a playful pleasure in language with a masterful control of form, musical sensuality and intellectual conciseness.” The prize carries a €50,000 award.

2017 Leipzig Book Fair Prize

Natascha Wodin receives the Leipzig Book Fair Prize © Jens Ulrich

Natascha Wodin

The 2017 Leipzig Book Fair Prize for Fiction went to Natascha Wodin. Her Prize-Winning Book Sie kam aus Mariupol [She Came From Mariupol] is an exceptional book that details a forensic search for the truth.