After School Programs
New York

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German Courses at Your School

Is your child too young to attend a course at the Goethe-Institut New York? Or do you live too far away from Manhattan? Learn more here about how we can work with your child's school to set up German classes on site.

Tailored to Fit

The Goethe-Institut will work with your school to design a customized program that fits the needs of the students and your school. Classes are tailor-made for each age group and coordinated with the curriculum of the school. In addition, parents receive a weekly newsletter about the content of the class and about their children's progress.


  • Show students how easy and exciting it can be to learn German
  • Provide a contemporary view of German-speaking countries
  • Give students global skills for the 21st century
  • Stimulate students' curiosity about the world around them
  • Give students an awareness of cultural diversity


  • Full immersion - classes are taught 100% in German
  • Classes taught by an experienced, highly qualified German teacher
  • Comprehensive language training in all skills (reading and writing, listening and speaking)
  • Hands-on instruction: Playing games, singing songs, doing arts and crafts together

Why should every child learn German?

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Boost your child's career

With the focus in American education shifting ever more towards STEM fields, some parents and educators think that language learning isn't as important in today's job market. However, for STEM students, German is a very valuable resource. With countless technical universities and research institutes, Germany is constantly pioneering new scientific and technical achievements. Learning German makes it possible for American students to apply for numerous scholarships, research grants as well as for tuition-free university degree programs in Germany which can all be critical resumé boosters. In addition, approximately 3,600 German companies currently operate in the United States, many of which are actively seeking qualified German-speaking Americans for hire.

The Window of Opportunity

The younger your child starts learning a foreign language, the more likely they are to succeed. Some language researchers have even argued that language acquistion must occur during a "critical period," after which a learner might never be able to achieve true fluency in a foreign language. Research has also shown that second language acquistion in early childhood has a substantial impact on children's cognitive development and can improve their success over their entire school career.