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Language Course Office

Are you interested in one of our language courses or do you still need more information? Please feel free to stop by our Language Course Office for a personal consultation.

  • Course registrations are possible online until the course officially starts. If there are still spots left, it is possible to register until the second (online) session. Please contact us if your preferred course is not bookable anymore:
  • NOTE: Please register for courses online as soon as possible. Courses with low enrollment will be cancelled one week prior to the beginning of classes starting. Make sure you secure your spot in class. 
  • Exam registration are possible online at all times until 14 days prior to the exam
  • During office hours of the Goethe-Institut in person or over the phone until the deadlines mentioned above
Please check our website to book an online placement test. The fee for the placement test will be refunded in full if you book a course at the Goethe-Institut New York within 12 months.
Closing Dates in 2021

Thursday, November 25 - Sunday, November 28: Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 24 - Saturday, January 1 (2022): Winter Break

Closing Dates in 2022

Monday, January 3: New Year's Day

Monday, January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, February 21: President's Day

Friday, April 15 - Monday, April 18: Easter Break

Monday, May 30: Memorial Day

Monday, July 4: Independence Day

Monday, September 5: Labor Day

Monday, October 3: German National Day (Tag der deutschen Einheit)

Monday, October 10: Indigenous People's Day / Columbus Day

Tuesday, November 8: Election Day

Thursday, November 24 - Sunday, November 27: Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, December 24 - Tuesday, January 3 (2023): Winter Break
1. General Conditions

1.1 Students in adult courses must be at least 17 years old. Younger students (13-16) may be admitted to adult courses after prior consultation. 

1.2 Students in courses for young learners must be no younger than 13 and no older than 17. 

1.3 The minimum age to book a course through our website is 18. Students under the age of 18 must be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian.

2. Terms of Payment

2.1 Fees are payable in full on enrollment. We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards. Unless otherwise stated, books must be purchased separately.

2.2 No space in a course will be reserved or guaranteed until payment has been received in full.

3. Course Fees

3.1 The fee stated on the course description page at the time of application is the contractually binding fee. 

4. Cancellation, Refunds, and Rebookings

4.1 In case of cancellations, the following fees apply:

a) Up to 4 weeks before beginning of course 10% of course fee.
b) Up to 1 week before beginning of course 20% of course fee.
c) Up to 1 day before beginning of course 30% of course fee.
d) On the day the course begins 100% of course fee.

Students should consider their personal commitments and circumstances before enrollment, as we regret that no fees are refundable once the course has started.

Terms and conditions for cancellations of bookings made on our website may vary. Please review the information sent to you after your booking carefully.

4.2 We reserve the right to cancel classes up to 24 hours before a course is due to start. In this case a full refund of the course fee paid will be given. No other costs except the course fee will be refunded.

4.3 Transfers to another course can be considered up to the end of the second week of classes (for standard, blended, and special courses) or the second class (for intensive and superintensive courses) and after consultation with your teacher and the language course office. The new course must be in the same semester as the course originally booked. Requests to rebook into a different semester will be treated as a cancellation (see 4.1).

4.4 Exam fees cannot be refunded at any time after booking. Exam bookings are valid only for the date chosen and cannot be rescheduled.

4.5 Cancellations must be made in writing (email will suffice, send to:

4.6 Cancellation of individual and minor group lessons
Notices must be sent in writing within 24 hours. Otherwise, payment must be made for the agreed lessons.
4.7 No course book refunds will be given. Course books can be exchanged in the event that the student wishes to change his or her course level after term beginning. Only books in new condition can be exchanged.

5. Courses

5.1. Placement in a particular course level is based on the results of the preliminary placement test and the information provided in the participant's application.

5.2. All courses will have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants unless otherwise stated in the course program.

5.3 For the purposes of quality assurance and professional development for our faculty, your class may periodically be audited by members of our staff. Your class may have a teacher on training for guided teaching experience as well as a guest instructor for part of a session or for an entire session. In some instances, these visits may be recorded for our internal use. All guest instruction is coordinated with our certified teacher trainers.

5.4 Lessons booked for individual instruction or Deutsch Online Live must take place within 2 months after an instructor has been found and the student has been notified. All lessons not used after this time will be forfeited, and no refunds or rebookings will be offered.

6. Responsibilities of the Student

6.1 The student is required to obey all course regulations and all house rules for the duration of his or her course at Goethe-Institut.
7. Liabilities of the Goethe-lnstitut

7.1 The liability for damage and legal responsibility of the Goethe-Institut and its employees is limited to intent and negligence. Neither the Goethe-Institut nor its employees are liable for the cancellation of its services due to acts of God, industrial action, reasons due to the negligence of parties other than the Goethe-Institut or otherwise unacceptable reasons.

7.2 In the event that a class has to be cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor illness, we will make every effort to inform you by email in a timely fashion. If, under this policy, classes are cancelled, they will be made up prior to the end of the current session at a time/date determined by the language department.

8. Conflict Resolution / Suggestions

8.1 Our Language Department can advise you about the Goethe-Institut's language courses and examinations in the USA and in Germany. Please do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to help. Please use one of the following email links to address suggestions, complaints, comments, etc. to the language department:

The Goethe-Institut New York constantly strives to improve its business processes and customer service and your comments are greatly appreciated. If you would prefer to submit your comments in writing, please use the address below:

Goethe-Institut New York 
Attn.: Eva Baker
30 Irving Place, 4th floor
New York, NY 10003