Is a course at the Goethe-Institut right for you?

Hear from some of our former students about their experience learning German at the Goethe-Institut.

Anna Marie, Summer 2018 Goethe-Institut

Anna Marie

Studying German at the Goethe-Institut has been such a fun and challenging experience for me. I didn’t realize I would be able to learn so much in such a short amount of time, but I think the courses are designed in such a way that a student can become comfortable speaking in German quite quickly! I have seen excellence in every aspect of this course - the teachers, the course structure, the opportunity to be immersed in German,  being given so many opportunities to converse with other students.

Emily, Summer 2018 Goethe-Institut


I’ve always been interested in languages, and recently had been lamenting that I chose to learn French in my youth rather than German, as in my field, the majority of non-English scholarly literature is written in German. I am hoping that even getting a small start on the language through this course at the Goethe-Institut will help me further develop a working understanding of the language that I may be able to use in the future in my studies and scholarly work. Thank you Goethe-Institut!

Ronald, Summer 2018 Goethe-Institut


Although I had learned two other languages before, I was never introduced to the Goethe-Institut's way of teaching which I enjoyed very much. Our professor Irina was excellent! She made all of us feel very at ease and would not let you leave until she's convinced you've captured the lesson of the day.

Megan, December 2016 Goethe-Institut


The beginner course was exactly the right place to start. My instructor was kind, patient, flexible, energetic and welcoming. The Goethe Institute’s immersive approach was very fun. My classmates were amazing new friends.

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