Group Exchanges (Short-Term)

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Group Exchanges (Short-Term)

In a short-term exchange, a group of about 10-20 US students visits their partner school in Germany and stays with host families. In the same or following year, a German group of equal size then comes to visit the US school and also stays with host families. Ideally, each student has their own host family and students who host also travel to visit their guest’s family. Groups travel for a minimum of 16 days and spend at least 10 days at the school or with school-related activities. For more details on the requirements of a GAPP exchange, please see our  Guidelines.

Exchange 2016

Deadlines and Events  
Questionnaire 2015/2016   November 2nd, 2015
Introductory Workshop for Coordinators   January 15 - 17, 2016
Grant Application 2016   April 4, 2016


It is obligatory for all GAPP schools to file the annual questionnaire with the GAPP office in New York in order to stay listed as a participating school. Your information helps GAPP to budget for the upcoming exchange season and to administer the program more efficiently.
We ask you to submit your questionnaire online by November 2, 2015. Schools indicating to take a group to Germany in 2016 will receive the grant application package by end of November

GAPP Questionnaire 2015/2016 
Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis as long as funds are available. Therefore, submit your grant application as early as possible to increase your chances. Supporting documents (for example, final invoice for airfare) may be submitted at a later date. GAPP cannot process or follow up on incomplete applications.

Everyone who is going to visit a partner school in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2016 will receive a grant application
package and all supplementary information by mid-November 2015. The forms are not available for download on our website.
The deadline for the grant application is April 4, 2016.

The GAPP Guidelines have been revised in June 2012! Please read and follow the requirements enclosed with your application package to ensure timely and successful processing of your application.
The recommended group size is 10 to 20 participants. For a group of more than 10 students, two adult chaperones are required. Please contact our office should you have a group considerably smaller than 10 students. - Students have the option to only host an exchange student without going on an exchange trip themselves. Details are subject to agreement between partner teachers.
At the beginning of 2016, GAPP will once again offer an Introductory Seminar for new GAPP coordinators. The invitations to new teachers will be mailed out in late November 2015.

Should you have never attended an introductory workshop, please contact our office.
The duration of an exchange visit is at least 16 days (including arrival and departure). A minimum of two weeks is to be spent with the host families, including at least 10 days of school attendance at the partner school. During this time, American and German students are to attend classes together or to work on a joint project or theme.
American and German GAPP partner schools also choose a common, or related, topic for each of their exchanges. These topics provide an educational and thematic framework for the exchange visits. To fulfill GAPP guidelines, groups incorporate activities that are connected to the chosen topic into their exchange trips.

Aside from the general topic, we encourage the groups to carry out student centered project work. Projects provide valuable, hands-on learning experiences and encourage American and German students to work together in an educational setting. Our partner organization in Germany, the PAD, even offers additional funding opportunities for German and US groups working on such projects; applications for these funds need to be sent to the PAD via the German GAPP coordinator.
GAPP is funded by the German Foreign Office and is the only short-term exchange program that receives an assistance award from the US Department of State. In addition, it is supported by funds from the Board of Directors of GAPP, Inc. and private donors. The American part of the program is financed exclusively by German tax revenue and GAPP is responsible for the distribution of available funds. Grants are awarded on a first come - first served basis to applicants complying with the GAPP Guidelines revised in June 2012. Please check your grant application package forthcoming in early December 2015 for more details on requirements.

Teacher Grants

Up to two accompanying teachers receive air fare subsidies from funds of the German Foreign Ministry, calculated as a flat rate depending on the average regional fare. Groups of more than 10 students are eligible for 2 teacher grants. 

Group Grants

American and German students receive airfare subsidies depending on their region of departure.

GAPP Financial Support according to US state of origin/Flight zone

Rates are subject to change.


GAPP does not charge a fee for any of its services connected to short-term exchanges nor does GAPP make any arrangements for the exchange. The entire implementation of the program is the responsibility of the school administrations.