Film series A Vision of Resistance: Peter Nestler

Peter Nestler: Am Siel, 1962


Film Society of Lincoln Center

Walter Reade Theater
165 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

Peter Nestler: Am Siel, 1962

Admired by the likes of Jean-Marie Straub and Harun Farocki, Peter Nestler was one of the most important filmmakers to emerge from postwar Germany. From his early films about the changing realities of rural and industrial areas in Germany and the UK, to his work for Swedish television, Nestler has remained a precise observer of the poetry and politics of labor, crafting meticulous portraits of industrial processes, working conditions, and workers themselves, as well as the background of struggle and oppression against which the era’s proletariat toiled. A vigorous yet nuanced opponent of fascism, an excavator of lost histories and a masterful formalist whose works are rich with a materiality all their own, Nestler has spent five decades chronicling how things get made, whether in a factory or at the level of ideology. This June, the Film Society is pleased to host Nestler himself for his first major retrospective in years, including a wealth of new digital restorations courtesy of Deutsche Kinemathek.

Presented in partnership with the 2017 Robert Flaherty Film Seminar and with support from the Goethe-Institut. Organized by Dennis Lim and Dan Sullivan, in collaboration with Ricardo Matos Cabo.

Goethe-Institut patrons save $3 on all tickets to the Peter Nestler retrospective. To take advantage of this special discount, simply select the $11 “Affiliate” rate from the menu when purchasing tickets online. 

Program details:

All films screen digitally unless otherwise noted.

PROGRAM 1 | 66 minutes
June 24, 2:00pm
June 27, 7:00pm

Am Siel (1962)
Essays / Aufsätze (1963)
Die Judengasse (1988)

PROGRAM 2 | 91 minutes
June 24, 3:30pm (Q&A with Peter Nestler)
June 27, 8:30pm

Ödenwaldstetten (1964)
Mülheim (Ruhr) (1964)
A Working Men’s Club in Sheffield (1965, 16mm)

PROGRAM 3 | 96 minutes
June 24, 6:30pm (Q&A with Peter Nestler)

The North Calotte (1990/91, 16mm)
The Waiting (1985, 16mm)

PROGRAM 4 | 78 minutes
June 24, 9:00pm

How to Make Glass (Manually) (1970)
Fos-Sur-Mer (1972)
About the History of Paper, Part 1 (1972/73, 16mm)

PROGRAM 5 | 67 minutes
June 25, 2:00pm
June 26, 7:00pm

Images from Vietnam (1972, 16mm)
Spain! (1973)

PROGRAM 6 | 102 minutes
June 25, 3:30pm (Q&A with Peter Nestler)
June 28, 9:00pm

In the Ruhr Region (1967)
Foreigners, Part 1 (1976/77, 16mm)

PROGRAM 7 | 89 minutes
June 25, 6:15pm (Q&A with Peter Nestler)
June 28, 7:00pm

From Greece (1965, 16mm)
Introduction to Arnold Schoenberg’s “Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene” (Straub-Huillet, 1972)
Being Gypsy (1970)

PROGRAM 8 | 84 minutes
June 25, 8:45pm

Up the Danube (1969)
The Hollow People (2015)
Death and Devil (2009)

PROGRAM 9 | 90 minutes
June 26, 8:30pm

Pachamama – Our Land (1995)