Film screening Sophie Scholl - The Final Days

Sophie Scholl © Goethe-Institut


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Munich, 1943. As Hitler wages a devastating war in Europe, a group of young people, mostly university students, resorts to passive resistance as the only effective way to cripple the Nazis and their inhuman war machine. The White Rose is formed, a resistance movement dedicated to the downfall of the Third Reich. Sophie Scholl joins the group as its only female member – an innocent young girl who matures into a committed and fearless anti-Nazi. On 18 February 1943, Sophie and her brother Hans are caught distributing leaflets at the university and arrested. Over the next few days, Sophie's interrogation by the Gestapo officer Mohr evolves into an intense psychological duel. She lies and denies, schemes and challenges, lays down her arms and picks them up again, with greater force, nearly disarming her opponent. Then, the crushing evidence, the confession, and Sophie's last, desperate attempt to protect her brother and the other members of the White Rose. Moved by Sophie's uncommon bravery, Mohr even offers her a way out – but at the price of betraying her ideals. She refuses the offer, sealing her fate ...

Marc Rothemund, Deutschland, 2005