Lecture-Performance Fictive Witness: Kendall Thomas

Save the Presidents, Alex Strada and Tali Keren, still 2017 © Alex Strada/Tali Keren


Goethe-Institut New York

30 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003

Fictive Witness is a yearlong series of lecture-performances in conjunction with the Agency for Legal Imagination at Ludlow 38. Artist collaborators Alex Strada and Tali Keren invite legal scholars and art historians to respond to their film Save the Presidents (2017). The film centers on monumental statues of former American Presidents that are eroding in a field in rural Virginia. Each performance will consist of a different “interpreter” who will provide a distinct narration that speaks to the themes which underlie the film, ranging from the problematic of monuments and political mythologies, to law, race, and gender in this current political moment.

Kendall Thomas, Professor of Law at Columbia University and co-founder and director of the Center for the Study of Law and Culture at Columbia Law School, will open the series.