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Female Misbehavior is a collection of four films that explore the outer limits of female sexuality and behavior. Each film features a “misbehaving” woman, outlawed not only by society but also by mainstream feminism. Annie is an inside look (in more ways than one) at Annie Sprinkle, porn-star, performance artist, and sexual diva. Dr. Paglia is a confrontation with Camille Paglia, the infamous author. Bondage centers on an S&M practitioner and her use of pain as pleasure. Max is the story of a transsexual’s journey from female to male.

Presented as part of the film series Female Misbehavior: The Films of Monika Treut and Elfi Mikesch, in collaboration with Anthology Film Archives and Salzgeber Club

Female Misbehavior
Dir. Monika Treut
1992, 80 minutes, 16mm-to-DCP

Cinematography: Elfi Mikesch (Bondage, Annie) and Steven C. Brown (Dr. Paglia, Max)