Talk Conversation #1: Un/making a Monument

Unconference Olu Oguibe, Das Fremdlinge und Fluechtlinge Monument © Michael Nast



With Kenseth Armstead, Olu Oguibe, Lava Thomas, and Kayla G. Coleman
Moderated by Desiree Gordon

Un/making a Monument brings together artists Kenseth Armstead, Olu Oguibe, and Lava Thomas with public art administrator Dr. Kayla G. Coleman to share their challenges and successes devising public art projects on the global stage. How are communities invited into the process of developing projects? How do artists and administrators envision art objects living on the landscape in the future? How has the public responded to the work? In what ways has the public inscribed these objects with their own ideas?

Curated by Niama Safia Sandy

This event is part of Marking Absences – Shifting Narratives and is presented by the Goethe-Institut New York and 1014 as part of Shaping the Past, a project of the Goethe-Institut, Monument Lab, and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education).. Shaping the Past connects memory workers across Canada, Mexico, the US, and Germany who have piloted new approaches to shape the past in their own local contexts.