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Online Individual Course

Learn German at your own pace

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Illustration: Puzzle mit Schüler und Lehrer
  • learn individually and flexibly
  • modular system
  • teacher support

For your individual needs

Prior knowledge, learning speed, time frame, goals – these are all very personal aspects. That’s why we developed Deutsch Online Individual. It's a modular system for learning German, either on your own or with a tutor. Do you prefer to work alone or with more guidance? From complete beginners to advanced speakers, the choice is yours. Please email germancourses-boston@goethe.de before booking to ensure that you enroll for the correct course, as the length of your course is dependent on your level.

In addition to the Deutsch Online Individual asynchronous option, we also offer personalized lesson packages utilizing book-based or digital blended-learning curricula. These options are available for individuals as well as corporate clients. Contact us at germancourses-boston@goethe.de for more information and to schedule an advising call with a student services expert.
  • Level
    all levels, course length depends on level

  • Start
    your Convenience

  • Duration
    5, 6, 10, 12 or 16 weeks (depending on course level)

  • Hours per week
    3 to 8 hours

  • Participants
    you and your tutor

  • Access to learning platform
    for the duration of the course

  • Price

12 weeks

  • Estimated time commitment: 90 hrs
  • 2 individual online sessions* with your tutor
  • Possible extension: 4 weeks**
  • Covers complete (A1/A2) or half a level (B1-C1)

6 weeks

  • Estimated time commitment: 45 hrs
  • 1 individual online session* with your tutor
  • Possible extension: 3 weeks**
  • Covers half level (A1/A2) or quarter of a level (B1-C1)

5 weeks

  • Estimated time commitment: 30 hrs
  • 1 individual online session* with your tutor
  • Possible extension: 2 weeks**
  • Covers a third of the A1 or A2 level

* A session lasts 45 minutes. Sessions will be arranged individually according to your schedule.
** If you need more time to complete the course, you can get an extension free of charge. The length of the extension varies by course format.

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