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Tue, 12/10/2019

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The Goethe Book Club, hosted by Chris Walker, meets regularly to discuss works from contemporary German-speaking authors and explore experiences with the text. Each selection can be read in its English translation or original German; the discussion will be in English. No registration required, simply pick up the book from our Pop Up Library. Copies can also be obtained online via most major retailers in hard copy or digital format.  
Book cover: “Berlin Blues”  © The Random House Group Ltd. ©2004 Sven Regener: “Berlin Blues” (2003)
It's 1989 and, whenever he isn't hanging out in the local bars, Herr Lehmann lives entirely free of responsibility in the bohemian Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Through years of judicious sidestepping and heroic indolence, this barman has successfully avoided the demands of parents, landlords, neighbours and women. But suddenly one unforeseen incident after another seems to threaten his idyllic and rather peaceable existence. He has an encounter with a decidedly unfriendly dog, his parents threaten to descend on Berlin from the provinces, and he meets a dangerously attractive woman who throws his emotional life into confusion.
Berlin Blues is a richly entertaining evocation of life in the city and a classic of modern-day decadence.
Sven Regener is the lead singer and songwriter of the band Element of Crime. Berlin Blues is his first novel.

Regener captures note-perfectly the disengagement of a German generation that came of age between the crushing of the Baader-Meinhof underground and the demolition of the Wall

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Source: From Berlin Blues by Sven Regener published by Vintage. Reproduced by permission of The Random House Group Ltd. ©2004