Online Group Course

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With the Goethe Institut’s online group course you can learn German anywhere flexibly, with lessons customized to your schedule. However, you will not be learning alone but in a small group of between six and 16 participants. The course will introduce you to the German language through various exercises presented within everyday situations.


Questions about the course

Course Option 1
  • 16 weeks with a weekly workload of 3-4 hours
  • learning progress: either full level (A1 or A2) or half level (B1.1 or B1.2)
  • 6 online live sessions (each á 60 minutes) scheduled with the group to train speaking
  • USD 800

Course Option 2
  • 8 weeks with a weekly workload of 3-4 hours
  • learning progress: half level (A1.1 or A1.2 or A2.1 or A2.2)
  • 3 online live sessions (each á 60 minutes) scheduled with the group to train speaking
  • USD 450
  • the course constist of 18 (option 1) or 9 (option 2) chapters
  • each chapter has a topic and is structured in three sequences
  • one sequence has 10-15 tasks which can be worked on
  • tasks are combined of automatically correcting quizzes, group tasks and individual submissions
  • weekly workload can be completed according to your own schedule
  • virtual group sessions will be scheduled with the group
  • detailed feedback on submissions and overall progress by the tutor  
Automatically correcting tasks train...
...listening and reading skills
...sentence structures

Example 1 - A1 (beginners)
You listen to people ordeing in a restaurant and mark any food or drinks you hear. You then go on to combine which food has been ordered by whom.

Example 2 - A1 (beginners)
You are working on a cloze and are filling in the correct conjugation of verbs based on the point of view of the paragraphs' narrator.

Group tasks such as blogs or forums...
...apply learned content to real-life situations
...enable successfull interactions in German

Example 1 - A1 (beginners)
After learning how to introduce yourself (name, occupation, country of origin) you write a short profile which other students can comment on and ask questions about.

Example 2 - B1 (intermediate)
You present sights and other things to do in a touristic German region in a blog post. Other students comment on your post and ask questions.

Submissions such as texts and audios...
...train your language production (writing and speaking)
...train your pronunciation
...allow for individual feedback from the tutor

Example 1 - A1 (beginners)
You listen to an audio where different people give you information that you couldn't understand properly. You reply to them while using the learned communication structures. The tutor will provide feedback on the content and correctness of your statements as well as your pronunciation.

  • Mac, iPad, tablet, PC or laptop.
  • Headset with microphone
  • Stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, specifically for the virtual live sessions

Please check here if your internet connection is sufficient:
speed-test für Deutsch online
For the A1.1 level course, there is no prior knowledge required. Students interested in higher level courses, who have not yet learned German at the Goethe-Institut or took courses at one of our locations more than 12 months ago will be individually placed by us with the help of our complimentary Placement test.
Participants can register for the Goethe-Zertifikat; this test is subject to charge and not included in the price of the course.