Abschlussdemonstration des Pfingstreffens der Homosexuellen Aktion Westberlin Foto: Rüdiger Trautsch, SMU Berlin

A Transatlantic Commemoration of the Stonewall Riots

The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York offers an opportunity to outline the current state of discourse on queer emancipation.

The German component of the exhibit was curated by Birgit Bosold, from the curatorial team of the Homosexualität_en exhibition and the management team of the Schwules Museum Berlin. Co-curated by Carina Klugbauer, also from the Schwules Museum, the exhibition aims to focus on the close and vital interactions between the German and US-American movements while also taking criticisms into account about the perceived illegitimate appropriation of this pivotal moment of queer history by a white, gay, middle-class mainstream. The exhibition will attempt to draw a picture that is historically more comprehensive, which also means not losing sight of the growth of the homosexual emancipation movement in the GDR. Even though the striking milestones of German-American rainbow friendship may be well known, the collection will tap into specifically marginalized and as yet under-researched traditions, for example with regard to the Black German Movement or the history of the trans movement.

The scenography is being developed by the Berlin agency chezweitz, who were also responsible for the Homosexualität_en exhibition by the German Historical Museum and the Schwules Museum.

Queer as German Folk is a project of the Goethe-Instituts in North America in collaboration with Schwules Museum Berlin, The Federal Agency for Civic Education, as well as local partners in Chicago, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Montreal, New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington.

Partner of the Goethe-Institut San Francisco is the James C. Hormel LGBTQIA Center, San Francisco Public Library.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Goethe-Institut San Francisco and the James C. Hormel LGBTQIA Center, San Francisco Public Library, are presenting film screenings and other events throughout San Francisco.