Film Measuring the World (Director: Detlev Buck)

Measuring the World © Goethe-Institut Measuring the World © Goethe-Institut

Fri, 08/19/2016

6:00 PM

Goethe-Institut San Francisco, Auditorium


Are you interested in Germany and German culture? Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your German language skills? Do you enjoy German films? Then this is your event!
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At the start of the 19th century: two men set out to explore the world. One focuses on the visible and the other on the imaginable. Alexander von Humboldt, an offspring of a noble family, travels to South America to measure the continent and to discover a different way of life. Carl Friedrich Gauß, who comes from a poor family, conducts research at his desk at home and is a famous mathematician.
The fact that Alexander von Humboldt is drawn to distant worlds, while Gauß wants a safe and secure home where he can pursue his research, is no less plausibly explained by the different childhoods and early years of the two scientists, as by their almost contradictory talents which have a common denominator: boundless curiosity. The film doesn’t focus on the definition of both men’s scientific achievements, but rather on the different methods they use to satisfy their curiosity and creativity.
For the film adaptation of this international bestseller, which is a rare occurrence in recent German literature, the novelist Daniel Kehlmann was personally involved in the writing of the script.
(119 min., 2013)