Film The Wave (Director: Dennis Gansel, color, 96 min., 2008)

The Wave The Wave © Constantin Film

Thu, 09/28/2017

Goethe-Institut San Francisco

530 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Film series "Democracy: Films about Politics"

Germany. Today. During project week, a popular and unorthodox high school teacher, in an attempt to stir up his lethargic students, devises an experiment that will explain what totalitarianism is and how it works. What begins with harmless notions about discipline and community becomes a real movement: "The Wave".

Within days, The Wave's uniformly attired students begin ostracizing and threatening others, and violence boils just below the surface. Sensing danger, the teacher decides to hit the emergency break on the experiment, but it may be too late.. The Wave has taken on a life of its own and is out of control.

This sociopolitical thriller stars Jürgen Vogel, Frederick Lau, Jennifer Ulrich, and Max Riemelt. It is based on Bay Area high school teacher Ron Jones' social experiment "The Third Wave" and Todd Strasser's novel, "The Wave."

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