Film Punk Berlin 1982 (Director: Oskar Roehler)

Punk Berlin 1982  © X Verleih | Photo: Nik Konietzny

Sat, 01/13/2018

Pro Arts Gallery

150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Film in the context of the exhibition "Brilliant Dilletantes". Followed by DJ reception.

West Germany in 1980. 19-year-old Robert is sick and tired of the boring lifestyle in the province and the smug hippies at his boarding school. Without giving it a second thought, he moves to West Berlin, which he believes to be a haven for rebellious spirits: with its trendy bars, flourishing subcultures and a “scene” characterized by art, sex, drugs and punk rock. At first, however, the reality is somewhat sobering. Robert makes ends meet by working as a cleaner at a peep show. The peep show’s owner, Robert’s old pal Schwarz, introduces him to the garish Berlin nightlife in return. He spends his nights in the infamous “Risiko” nightclub listening to loud music and drinking vast amounts of alcohol. He gets to meet the stars of the scene, such as Blixa Bargeld. He also falls in love with Sanja, who works at the peep show. He plans out his financial future with Schwarz: a robbery could provide them with the financial basis for a career as dealers. Sanja also comes up with an idea that would solve both their family problems, once and for all…

(105 min., 2014/15)