Film Friday Films: Grave Decisions

Grave Deciscions © Goethe-Institut

Fri, 06/15/2018

Goethe-Institut San Francisco

530 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Director: Marcus Hausham Rosenmüller, 102 Min., 2006

Lorenz, a pub owner, lives with his two young sons Franz and Sebastian in a small village. Since the death of his wife he has been running the guesthouse on his own, and that’s why voices come up, saying he should get a new wife for his home. When 11 year old Sebastian finds out that his mother died at his birth, the events start to haywire. Sebastian, who´s got an impressive list of sins for his age, from now on feels responsible for the death of his mother. Because he thinks he is definitely going to hell after his death, he tries everything to wash away his sins. But Sebastian`s overeagerness doesn´t lead to the desired success. A blown up bunny, an indecent request to his teacher Veronika, the near death of an old woman from the neighborhood. All this doesn´t improve the situation. Finally Sebastian thinks he has received a message from his mother saying he needs to find a new wife for his father. Lorenz on the other hand, gets annoyed by the appearances of his neighbor Mrs. Kramer soon after, who Sebastian bewitched and told about his father´s needs. What Sebastian doesn´t know: inexplicably,, Lorenz and Veronika seem to like each other in an almost magical way. There is just one last obstacle: Veronika is married, to Alfred. Another sign from his mother at her grave makes it clear: Alfred has to die…