Lecture and panel discussion From Shifting the Trillions to Funding Local Climate Actions

DFID-UK Department for International Development © DFID-UK Department for International Development

Wed, 09/12/2018

Goethe-Institut San Francisco

530 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Global Climate Action Summit

Post-2015, the landmark Paris Agreement and the Agenda 2030 provide the framework for global action toward low-carbon and climate resilient sustainable development. Local climate actions must become a priority in order to provide benefits and support to the hundreds of millions of people in developing countries already severely affected by climate change impacts. What investment and financing vehicles, principles and priorities can help in better aligning global green investment with local financing needs that contribute to people-centered low-carbon and climate-resilient sustainable development? What role can various stakeholders, sectors and institutions such as investors large and small, businesses, climate funding mechanisms, banks or governments play in supporting global and local climate protection financing? And can American stakeholders, even without the Federal Government, play a global leadership role? A panel of experts from a variety of backgrounds (including governments, private sector financial institutions, UN agencies and civil society) will offer their views and concrete recommendations.

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