Film Series: Gehen | Bleiben Bezness as Usual

Bezness as usual © 2016 Selfmade Films / VPRO

Fri, 05/31/2019


530 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Alex Pitstra, Netherlands, 2016, 93 min.

Filmmaker Alex Pitstra was the result of a holiday romance between Anneke and Mohsen, a much younger Tunisian man. The couple married and settled in the Netherlands, but, after only a few years, Mohsen left Holland and abandoned his family. Alex was raised by his single mother. One day, he receives a letter from Mohsen and decides to visit him. In Bezness as Usual he attempts to get to know his father and to come to terms with his own cultural divide. As it turns out, his parents’ relationship fitted a larger pattern. In the 1970s, young Tunisian men would start love affairs with European women at beaches and hotels as a way to migrate to Europe. It was their business − “bezness” in the local jargon.