Sound & Poetry flickering cave sounds // improvised sound & poetry

Michael Fischer | Thomas Antonic © Robert Carrithers

Sat, 06/15/2019


530 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Thomas Antonic, text, recitation Michael Fischer, ad-hoc soundscaping on 3 cd players

Thomas Antonic recites spontaneously selected poetry and fragments, short cuts and cut-ups, simultaneously supported, interpreted and counterpointed with soundscapes by experimental music master Michael Fischer who is performing on 3 cd players allowing a rich, allusive, morphologic, filmic, cross-linking, floating coup of poetic escalation.

Michael Fischer is a musician, composer, improviser in experimental music / noise / soundscapes, instant composition conductings. Fischer is working with the immanence of language within sounds and the electro-acoustic phenomenon of the feedback. He is also the developer of the “feedback_saxophone” and the founder of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra (2004) which is operating with experimental and sound poetry. The artist has worked in numerous international collaborations with other impro-musicians, composers and artist collectives such as Baby-Q dance comp. Fischer has traveled the world with his music including venues throughout Europe, Lebanon, Canada, USA, Japan etc. (Venues: ZKM Karlsruhe, Wien Modern, High Zero Festival Baltimore, Irtijal Festival Beirut, Bunka Kaikan Tokyo, STEIM, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam; guest-lectures at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Newcastle University UK, University for Architecture at Vaduz, Liechtenstein, a.m.o.)
Michael Fischer lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Thomas Antonic is an award winning poet, musician, writer, filmmaker and PhD in German literature and philosophy. He is working with and about experimental literature, multi-media intersections of music, visual arts, poetry, cut-ups, improvisation, spontaneous prose and other principles of coincidence. Antonic has released numerous publications in German and English, including his most recent book: Flickering Cave Paintings of Noxious Nightbirds (2017). As a poet, writer and musician he has performed all over Europe, USA, Morrocco, Chile. Furthermore the artist is a Visiting Researcher at Stanford University (2013) and a Research Fellow at the University of California in Berkeley (2014/15).
Antonic lives and works mostly in Vienna, Austria.


Thomas Antonic & Michael Fischer are performing together since 2015 at festivals, art spaces, clubs, galleries, libraries, on air, et cetera.