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Blended Learning

Learn German together - weekly group lessons, supplemented by individual learning

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Illustration of a group seated at tables: on the left in an home environment, on the right in a classroom
  • 50% in a virtual classroom
  • weekly sessions
  • talk to your group and to your teacher
  • tailored instructional approach

As engaging as a classroom course

The balanced combination of virtual live sessions (50%) and of corresponding online learning alone and in a group (50%) leads to optimal learning results. Read, write, listen and speak German!
  • Level
    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

  • Start
    every term

  • Duration
    2 or 10 weeks

  • Hours per week
    20 TU or 4 TU

  • Participants
    max 16

  • Access to learning platform
    for the duration of the course

  • Price

How the course works

Blended Learning
You will attend weekly, 90 minute group lessons with your teacher either in-person or via Zoom. You will also study independently: our learning platform offers a variety of interactive tasks with contemporary material from real life situations.

Learning speed
Choose from either standard, intensive or super intensive blended learing courses.

Support from the teacher
Your teacher will provide personal feedback to help give you the knowledge and skills to reach your goals.

Frequently asked questions