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German Courses for Kids and Teens

Experience German with all your senses and use it in role play, interviews and project work.

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2 Kinder lernen miteinander
  • from age 6, until age 17
  • online and interactively
  • prior knowledge optional

Learn German the fun way

Here your children learn the German language in a playful way. Numerous songs and audiovisual material encourage understanding and joy of discovering the German language. The program is based on the course of the year. Literacy (reading / writing) does not yet play a major role.

As soon as the children can read and write in their first language, these skills are also included in the German course. The lessons are taught with the help of multimedia materials, so that all types of learners are engaged.

  • Level

  • Start
    several times a year

  • Duration
    5, 10 or 16 weeks

  • Hours per week
    1-6 TU (45 minutes)

  • Participants
    max 13

  • Access to learning platform
    for the duration of the course

  • Price
    $199 - $800

Children's courses

Course 1

  • age 6-8
  • games and songs
  • focus on speaking and listening skills

Course 2

  • age 9-11
  • multimedia materials
  • listening, speaking, reading and writing German

Courses for Teenagers

Online Young Learners Course 40 TU

  • 12 - 17 years old
  • 5 weeks
  • 6 hours per week (8 TU)

Online Young Learners Course 120 TU

  • 12 - 17 years old
  • 16 weeks
  • ~5.5 hours per week (7.5 TU)

10 reasons for german

Do you want your child to learn a foreign language, but are unsure which language to choose and when to start? These 10 reasons show you why it’s worth it for your child to start learning German early.

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