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Create Connect Amplify - September 2022 Create Connect Amplify - September 2022

Fri, 09/16/2022

12:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Washington @ The Liz

Create.Connect.Amplify. presents stories of urgent and creative problem-solving, creates a place to talk about how designers’ and design's rigorous research and dedication to efficacy can address pressing problems of our current world, and shares inspiring stories of design's power to achieve radical and far-reaching change. 

In this interdisciplinary series, you will meet German and Washington, DC-based creatives monthly whose work is making an impact (some global) across design, media, disability, and much more. Sign up to hear their origin story, learn what inspires them and how connections have and continue to shape their careers.

Presenting Design as a powerful tool of change, this series – brought to you by Goethe-Institut, curated by Dian Holton, a multifaceted creative who once resided in Berlin and a current Washington, DC resident  – features a disparate collection of  'design practitioners.' We showcase creatives and projects to inspire designers, activists, community leaders as well as anyone else looking to address social problems, especially in places where design has been traditionally unavailable or inaccessible.

Join us in-person on Friday, September 16, 12:00pm, to listen to Tracie Ching, Elizabeth Pich, and Dian Holton in a conversation about Drawing Your Own Destiny.
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Dian Holton is a senior deputy art director at AARP where she oversees creative for TheGirlfriend.com, Sistersletter.com, and The Ethel. She routinely contributes designs to AARP The Magazine and specifically cover stories. Her background includes book design, branding, retail installation, styling and footwear design. 

Dian is a former AIGA Washington, DC chapter board member and is serving as a mentor for several mentorship programs. Her passions include education, philanthropy, fashion, and pop culture.


Tracie Ching is an artist and self-taught illustrator working in Washington, DC.

A marriage of old and new, her work translates classic engraving techniques through vector illustration, resulting in the bold cross-hatching style for which she is known.

Creating alternative movie posters for cult classics, Ching made her home in pop-culture showing in galleries such as Spoke Art in San Francisco. She has since grown her portfolio to include key art for clients like Disney, Lionsgate, and Marvel Studios, official portraits for a President and Vice President, editorial illustration, and commercial art, rounding out her dynamic application of creative skill.

Ching’s work has been shown in the Design Museum in London and is in the permanent collection of The Library of Congress and Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. She is founder and principal mentor of the We Create Mentorship & Grant program.

Instagram: @tracieching


Elizabeth Pich is a German-American comic artist. After studying arts and computer science, she is currently working on an algorithm that will write all her jokes for her. She is the author of Fungirl and also creates the weekly webcomic War and Peas with her partner in crime, Jonathan. In her free time, she enjoys eating nutbars and peering sceptically out of windows.

Instagram: @fffungirl