Movie Night Suck me Shakespeer (Fack Ju Göhte)

Measuring the World (Die Vermessung der Welt) © Boje Buck Produktion

Fri, 01/27/2017


Goethe-Institut Washington

Germany, 2013, color, 113 min., German with English subtitles, Director: Bora Dagtekin

After a 13-month stretch in prison, the crook Zeki Müller is looking for the loot from his last robbery. He applies for a position as a janitor at the school, since, as it happens, the money is buried under the new school gym. However, Zeki lands a job as a supply teacher. He has to deal with a naive trainee teacher and problem kids who can’t even spell “Fuck you, Goethe” correctly. Thus, the young man unintentionally embarks on a career in education. Bora Dagtekin’s wild farce was the most successful German film of 2013.