Goethe Book Club Bernhard Schlink’s The Woman on the Stairs (2017)

© Die Frau auf der Treppe, courtesy of the publisher © Die Frau auf der Treppe, courtesy of the publisher

Mon, 01/29/2018

Goethe-Institut Washington

1990 K Street NW, Suite 03
(Entrance on 20th Street NW, lower level)
Washington, DC 20006

Read and discuss works by contemporary German authors in this series hosted by the Goethe-Institut. All books can be read in recent English translation or in the German original; discussion will be in English. Led by local German professor Amanda Sheffer (The Catholic University of America), this book club focuses on contemporary fiction and will explore experiences and thoughts about the text.

The famous image of a woman, long forgotten, reappears suddenly. Shocking for the art world, but also to three men, who once loved this woman – and feel betrayed by her. A reunion happens in a bay on the Australian coast: the men want back what allegedly belongs to them. Only one takes the chance, to begin anew with the woman, even when not much time remains.

Bernhard Schlink, born 1944 near Bielefeld, is a lawyer and lives in Berlin and New York. He published his first crime novel, Self’s Punishment, with Walter Popp. In 2001 he completed the trilogy about the private detective Gerhard Selb with Self’s Murder. The Reader (1995), the 2000 and 2010 stories Flights of Love and Summer Lies, as well as Homecoming: A Novel (2006) and The Weekend: A Novel gave him world acclaim.

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