Film Festival 25 km/h

25 km/h © Sony Pictures © Sony Pictures

Fri, 11/15/2019

Landmark's E Street Cinema

555 11th St NW
Washington, DC

Friday, November 15, 9:30 pm

Germany, 2018, 116 min., Director: Markus Goller, Screenplay: Oliver Ziegenbalg, Cast: Bjarne Mädel, Lars Eidinger, Sandra Hüller, Franka Potente

  • 2019 German Film Award for Best Feature Film (nomination)
  • 2019 Ernst Lubitsch Award for Bjarne Mädel and Lars Eidinger
Rating: PG-13

After thirty years, estranged brothers Georg and Christian reunite at their father’s funeral. Each has very little to say to the other: Georg is a carpenter, while Christian has a successful career as a well-traveled businessman. Georg remained in the brothers’ hometown in the Black Forest to care for their father, while Christian is returning to the town for the first time in decades. After a carousing night of table tennis and drinking, they reconnect, determined to live out the plan they dreamed up at sixteen: a cross-country moped-trip through Germany. Still drunk, they hit the road that very same night. Despite the onset of hangovers and the realization that their mid-forties are a long way from sixteen, Georg and Christian realize that their trip is not simply about crossing Germany, but finding their way back to themselves and to each other: never faster than 25 km/h, but filled with sex, drugs, and ping-pong.

Markus Goller was born in Munich in 1969. He began his career as an editor for short films, commercials, and documentary films, and later for German and American feature films. Besides numerous commercials for well-known companies and some 2nd Unit directing, Goller directed his first feature film Mask Under Mask in 2001. His next feature, Friendship!, became Germany’s most successful film of 2010. With Mrs. Ella (2013) he landed another box office hit in Germany. My Brother Simple (2017) premiered in competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2017, and has successfully been traveling the festival circuit ever since.

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