Short Film Showcase EuroAsia Shorts 2021: Week Two

EuroAsia Shorts 2021 © EuroAsia Shorts

Fri, 06/11/2021 -
Fri, 06/18/2021

Country Pairing Programs | Fri., June 4 - Fri., June 11, 2021

Festival Closing Program | Fri., June 11 - Fri., June 18, 2021

After a brief hiatus in 2020, EuroAsia Shorts is back with a new online streaming format and more incredible short films, available free to viewers across the United States, June 4 – 18. Join an international cinematic dialogue that is uniquely Washingtonian as we celebrate 15 years of EAS in 2021! This year, our traditional country pairing programs will stream during the first week of EAS, and the closing program will stream during the following week.

Film details and registration is now available – to register, view each program via the menu above and follow the RSVP link. Each of the six programs required separate registration. For email updates and other cultural event news, join the e-mailing lists of any (or all!) of our partner organizations via the links below, and be sure to follow EAS on Facebook. 

2021 Theme: Together in Dreams

The theme for EuroAsia Shorts 2021 is Together in Dreams. Humanity is united by our need for social connection—to be and stay together. And yet, amid a global pandemic, traditional togetherness has become a mere dream shared by millions around the world. Many of our aspirations—of achievements great and small, a better world, and connecting with people and places we love—have been put on hold, but still burn brightly in our hearts. This year's EuroAsia Shorts seeks to rekindle hope by exploring dual aspects of our lives that are now intertwined: our need for connection and our dreams for the future.

Please NOTE: When you RSVP for a program, you will receive a confirmation email but you will not receive the link to the screening website and the discount code until the day the screening period starts!

Brief discussions following each program compare and contrast the films and the topics with special discussants.

All films are subtitled in English, unless otherwise noted. 

Closing Program: All Countries

Andava tutto bene (We were good together)
Italy, 14 min.
Director: Paolo Fulvio Mazzacane
Erika and Matteo are no longer happy together. The lockdown has exhausted them, as a couple and as individuals. In an attempt to save their relationship, they decide to see a psychologist. But confiding and opening up brings some unexpected consequences...

Creative Evolution (創造的進化)
Japan, 2019, 5 min.
Director: Song Yungsung
Where do I come from? What am I? Where am I going? Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Life keeps traveling across the universe.

#ExtraordinaryHeroes: Together Against Corona
Germany, 2020, 5 min.
From gaming all day and eating cold ravioli out of the can, to lying on the couch watching TV and ordering pizza, to eating fried chicken in bed – for many people, being a “hero” during the pandemic has meant doing their part to stop the spread in some way or another.

Pancake Jackson
China, 2016, 11 min.
Director: Tang Tao
A father sells pancakes on the street for a living. He has been practicing Michael Jackson’s dance to connect with his daughter who has autism.

The Philippines, 4 min.
Director: Steven Evangelio
Mask4Mask is a story about falling in love in the midst of a pandemic, as two boys wait for their first date.

Applesauce (Apfelmus)
Austria, 6 min.
Director: Alexander Gratzer
Just like many humans started to question the meaning of life in these uncertain times, animals in Applesauce carry on philosophical discussions about important existential issues.

One Small Step (Un Pequeño Paso)
Spain, 2019, 3 min.
Director: Nacho Garvía y Jorge Moratal
Space exploration is always a great leap into the unknown.

The Conch (소라)
Korea, 2019, 8 min.
Directors: Sebin Park Sebin Park, Youjin Jeong, Eunjin Tak
Just like the conch, each of us must grow, constructing an intricate shell of memories. 

ESMA: Alone, A Wolf’s Winter
France, 2020, 6 min.
Director: Rebecca Belle, Gaël Bourdeu, Victor Dumur, Damien Grellety, Carla Humbert, Bérénice Lefevre, Clara Malleviale, Marine Vilcot
A young wolf banished from his pack; is confronted with the harshness of a solitary life. In the end, he will have to put himself in danger to save his wolfpack.

The Man Who Sold the World
Indonesia, 28 min.
Director: Dior Octrianto Pamungkas
Guntur or Gepeng, has been a Street Dancer for quiet some time, having a dream and mission to conserve Kethek Ogleng dance that has been forgotten. In order to accomplish his dream, Guntur is not alone.

​Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad ​
USA, 2021, 5 min.
Directors: Camrus Johnson & Pedro Piccinni
In this retelling of his dad's relationship with his best friend, Grab My Hand is Camrus Johnson's gift to his grieving father and a message to all to cherish every second you have with the ones you love while you still can.