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Opencall Happy at home© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Thoughts about being at home these days

Open call for drawings for a website and an exhibition


Drawings for a website and an exhibition

The Goethe Institut is inviting cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators, and animation designers from Vietnam to submit a 3-panel short story, animated drawing or animation on the topic HAPPY@HOME?
The artistic contributions will be featured on our website and in an exhibition. Six of the submissions will be selected and awarded a prize of 15 million VND (net).

- 3-panel stories: 2300px X 1000px
- Animation: 1000x1000px, maximum time length: 5 seconds

Send to by (deadline) September 07, 2020


A pandemic has broken out. Everyday routines begin to stutter, then grind to halt. As people are required to practice social distancing, they spend more time with themselves, alone or with their family, take refuge in their homes. This can get claustrophobic for children, teens, adults, seniors, married couples, siblings, even for singles. Study, work, shopping, going out, play, consumption – every connection we used to have to the outside world now needs to be reinvented. The internet is a welcome escape from our narrow physical confines. The internet brings the second wave into the home.
How are our homes changing? What is happening under the pressure of the pandemic and with our favorite pressure valve, the internet? How do we deal with each other in this crisis and what has the internet suddenly come to mean to us? What are we saying to each other, what do we believe in, who do we really end up spending time with, what do we really need, and how do we want to we carry on with our lives in the aftermath? These are the themes we would like for you to explore and reflect in your own creative works.