Performance/ Video art The ignorant schoolmaster

The ignorant schoolmaster Foto: © Re Connect

Sa, 18.12.2021 -
Sa, 25.12.2021

Toong (Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt)

A duo exhibition introducing two artworks:
  • “Human Learning” - by artist Giang Nguyen (Video/Performance)
  • “Exercises for the digital age” - by artist Gabriel Hensche in collaboration with curator Ashlee Conery and 25 artists from all around the internet. (Installation/Workshop)
"The Ignorant Schoolmaster" is an exhibition by artists Nguyen Hoang Giang and Gabriel Hensche featuring video, performance and installation works that address the human-machine relationship. Whereas Giang’s work examines what humans can learn from intelligent machines, Gabriel’ collectively developed exercises for surviving and thriving online. Both of their works will take the form of exercises that allows the audience to engage with robots, internet and digital technologies.

The exhibition title was inspired by Jacques Rancière’s book with the same title.

  • 6:30PM, 18.12.2021: Opening performance "Human Learning" by Giang Nguyễn and four dancers. (link)
  • 23.12.2021:
    • 2PM - 4:30PM: Online workshop with Gabriel Hensche & Ashlee Conery.
      Register form: link
    • 6:30PM: Live performance "Human Learning" by Giang Nguyễn and four dancers.
    • 6:45PM: Artist Talk, moderated by Châu - Trần Vi
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday - Friday: 8AM - 8PM
    • Weekend: 8AM - 5PM
    • Except for:
      • 18.12.: 1PM - 9PM
      • 23.12.: 8AM - 10PM
Multimedia artist, lecturer at RMIT University Vietnam. His works are multimedia, with focus on the social and cultural impacts of new technologies. His interests lie in failures in the relationship between human and machine, specifically in the process of learning. Beside artistic practices, he runs curatorial and educational projects such as Net Fluxists (2021), In_ur_scr! (2016).

Multimedia artist, managing director at Campus Gegewart/Stuttgart State University of Music and Performing Arts. In his practice, he follows a situational, conceptual and collaborative approach. He worked not only with other artists, and people outside the art world such as botanists, programmers and audiences, but also with non-human intelligent systems. Many of his performance, moving image, and installation pieces investigate contemporary belief systems through echoing, altering, and dispersing explanation models in order to explore possibilities for community and co-existence.

With other artists:
*Participants of Giang Nguyen’s video/performance “Human Learning”: Nguyễn Huỳnh Như, Minh Duyên, Psycho NEO, Sơn Lương

*Participants of Gabriel Hensche’s “Exercises for the digital age”:Curator Ashlee Conery, Kim Trang, Nam Phùng, Nhật Thanh, Dorothea Rust, Claire Nichols, Raúl Hott, Niccolò Moronato, Stéphanie Cadoret, Jan Hofer, Roberto Fassone, Jin-me Yoon, Ayumi Goto & Peter Morin, Mattin, OMSK Social Club, Jol Thoms, Rory Pilgrim, ​​Delphine Pouillé, Giang Nguyen Hoang, Sarah Friend & Ashlee Conery, Sophie Kahn, Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Mohsen Hazrati, Colette Robbins

The project is kindly supported by Goethe Institut Hanoi through the RECONNECT program, with help from COHE, Neustart Kultur, and presented by GốcCreation and Toong in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Project Manager: Red
Production Support: Lê Tuấn Ry, Quốc Lý, Đắc Khuê
RECONNECT is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut Vietnam to support about translocal cooperation with meaningful online gatherings, which provide a sense of human connection during the ongoing pandemic.
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